Friday, May 2, 2008

Jack Bauer, The Little Tramp, and Princess Jasmine

Jack Bauer - Why? Because he's invincible but at the same time he's a real person. He cries when Tony dies (although he admittedly does recover quickly), he pukes when he has to shoot Curtis, he is overprotective of his daughter after his wife's death, he makes (a few) mistakes, and yet we can count on him. I think this is why Jack has been able to keep TV viewers enthralled. CTU has limits, there are only so many moles and nuclear bombs threats that can go off (it has been getting repetitive in the last few seasons) but Jack provides a security blanket. In a post 9/11 world, a new technological advance every day, we wish there was someone like Jack who can sacrifice everything and save our country. And that's why we keep watching him.

The Little Tramp - Charlie Chaplin is one of the most amazing actors of the millennium. He says nothing and yet he does so much. The character of The Little Tramp (which now has dawned upon me as well) is always the Little Tramp, he isn't getting anywhere in society. He is always going to be the lovable little mustached, funny-clothed, bowler-hated, big-shoed clown. A gentleman, and yet a bum. He's hilarious, and we don't feel annoyed by him, we agree with him, we want to help him, and support him.

I think that Princess Jasmine is the most underrated princess ever. And I think in today's society a lot of women will see her role and see themselves in her. Jasmine is very independent and strong-willed. She has a very strong set of ideals, things that she knows and thinks that she is looking for. She will not waver for some superficial prince who has a lot of money, she wants true love. A lot of women in todays world are very independent and career-oriented, which is a slight change from the "stay-at-home-mom" stereotype. Jasmine is not Snow White, waiting for her prince to take her away. She picks and choses and finds her own prince. She also changes a few laws doing it.

And plus, she has a pet tiger. How cool is that?