Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bothers, Jealousy, and Lunch

Faulty water faucets, drop by drop spilling precious water at a rhythmic plopping noise.
Long, red fingertips clicking in bothersome complacency against the whiteboard of knowledge.
Overflowing sidelines of chocolate liquid drying on the plastic bottle of Hershey's syrup.
People passing wisdom about things that they don't know squat about.
Marching ants eating my sandwich, rigid in their attempts to spoil a perfect outing.
These are just a few things that bother me.
Why? I really don't know. Psychological ineptitude, perhaps, maybe a bad experience as a child, or in a past life? Doesn't anyone?
Does it actually matter, the main thing is that it bothersome.

I really want to travel. I feel kind of trapped because I haven't left the country in three years now. I don't know what I felt when we didn't have green cards and were stranded for five years here. I suppose I was little then, and ignorant to the amazing places that exist outside of my home. But now, it's different. I have a long list of places I'd really like to visit someday:
Tunisia (to see where they filmed Star Wars)
St. Petersburg
(This is just the beginning)

I feel really ADD/unable to focus today...
That's probably why this blog is very random....

My dad's going to India in three weeks. I'm incredibly jealous. I'll have to give him a list of movies to bring back. I feel bad when I do this, I feel like a materialistic child. But he feels guilty and this helps relieve some of it. I also don't trust the movies that come to the stores here. They sell for $10 but they are often copies of copies imported from India to Malaysia to LA and shipped by truck to Minnesota. It's like the middle of nowhere. I love going to Cerritos in LA because you can get original DVDs and actually have a decent selection.
They are building a South East Asian Mall in Dallas. I think it's called Everest Heights. I'm jealous of my uncle (who lives in Dallas). I'll have to visit sometime. But they should come here too once in a while. We saw the new "Nickelodeon Universe" theme park at the Mall. I feel threatened by the impeding Nickelodeon characters hanging in cloth circles above the park. It'll always be Camp Snoopy to me. They have a cool-looking new skateboard ride and another ride which I couldn't see the name of from where we sat. The Kite-Eating Tree (my favorite ride) has now been repainted into some Backyardigans Adventures. Please.

I don't know what else to write about, exactly. Perhaps lunch. Lunch sounds good right now. I think we have first lunch today because we're practicing with the full orchestra. I'm hungry. I think I have a PB&J. I wonder how many PB&J Sandwiches the average American will eat by the end of their high school career. It's a very American thing. When I go to Sri Lanka, they kind of laughed at me when I asked if they had Peanut Butter and Jam. They started weirdly when I put the two together between two slices of fresh baked bread my uncle had bought from the market that morning. It wasn't exactly the same. There is no subtitute for Jiffy, Smuckers, and Wonder Bread. And a glass of milk. That's another thing I can't stand when we go to Sri Lanka. They don't have liquid milk, only milk powder. And if it is it's in like this little plastic packaging. And it's usually flavored. I just want a glass of milk.

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Lyndsay said...

I'm jelous of your writing abilities....
I'm also jelous of your dad.
Lets travel to Tanzania and live there forever!
I'm sure the weather and company are far more pleasurable then that of the people in Dallas or Edina.... excluding your uncle of course. All your relatives have to be incredibally awesome... since they are your relatives.

Anywho, lovely poem thingy... It made me smile. Don't worry about the ADD... since I have it all the time. Its lots of fun. Having so many ideas, and no way of explaining or writing them out. Too much to organize I think.

As for the theme park, AT LEAST THEY'RE MAKING AN AVATAR ROLLER COASTER!!!!!!!!! AVATARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! It's going to be so intense amazing! I LOVE AVATAR!